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Fall 2023 Syllabi
Course Number Course Name Instructor
BA 203-01 Computer Applications in Business I Dr. Jearline Bryant
BA 203-01 Principles of Economics I Dr, Lurlene Irvin
BA 211-02 Principles of Economics I Dr. Farhad Chowdhury
BA 314 Management Dr. Jimmie Warren
BA 320-01 Business Communication and Report Writing Dr. Jearline Bryant
BA 322 Business Finance Dr. Duy Nguyen
BA 340-E01 Organizational Behavior Mr. Terrance Pryor
BA 371-E01 Business Law I Dr. Darnell Pratt
BA 421 International Business Dr. Duy Nguyen
BA 430 Management Information Systems Dr. Jearline Bryant
BA 460 Internet & Comp Core Certification Dr. Jearline Bryant
BA 455 Consumer Behavior Dr. Mary Shepherd
BA 321 -E01 Personal Finance Dr. Duy Nguyen
Course Number Course Name Instructor
AC 221-01 Financial Accounting Dr. Alnour Osman
AC 221-02 Financial Accounting Dr. Alnour Osman
AC 301 Intermediate Accounting I Dr. Alnour Osman
AC 326 Accounting Systems Ms. Lisa Bell
AC 402 Tax I Dr. Alnour Osman
Course Number Course Name Instructor
OMP 310-E01 The Adult Journey Ms. Lisa Bell
OMP 320-E01 Group & Team Dynamics Ms. Lisa Bell
OMP 330-E01 Organizational Behavior Ms. Lisa Bell
OMP 340-E01 Organizational Communication Ms. Nakisha McCray
OMP 450-E01 Global Business Dr. Lurlene Irvin
OMP 460-E01 Strategic Planning Dr. Jimmie Warren
OMP 470-E01 Research Methods & Statistics Dr. Lurlene Irvin
OMP 480-E01 Senior Project Dr. Lurlene Irvin
Course Number Course Name Instructor
BA 601-E01 Managerial Communications Dr. Mary Shepherd
BA 602-E01 Managerial Economics Dr. Farhad Chowdhury
BA 612-E01 Management and Organizational Design Theory Dr. Jimmie Warren
BA 622-E01 Managerial Accounting Analysis Dr. Duy Nguyen
BA 638-E01 Human Resource Management Dr. Mary Shepherd
BA 632-E01 Globalization & the New Global Economy Dr. Duy Nguyen