Organizational Management Program

Program Advantages

  • Can enroll today with as little as 45 transferable credit
  • You can finish your college degree in as little as 18 months
  • Designed for working adults
  • Transfer up to 72 credits from other regionally accredit colleges
  • Up to 30 acceptable caredits earned through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Small class size of 15-20 learners
  • Five-week learning format
  • Taught sequentially with the same group for the duration of the program
  • Evening classes meet once every five weeks in an accelerated learning format.

Now is your chance...

If you have ever considered completing your bachelors' degree but have not been able to pursue your goal, The Valley's Renaissance Learning Program is the answer for you. It is the most competitive adult degree completion program in the area. Cost, convenience, and commitment all come together at a University that understands your goals.

Because Renaissance Learning Program adult learners typically are employed full-time during the day, the program is offered in an accelerated environment, which enables you to successfully achieve your educational and career goals while maintaining your commitment to job and family.

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