Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is one of many planning and evaluation processes that occur at MVSU each year.  It is a process that allows representatives from the campus community and from the broader university community to participate in developing short-term and long-term goals and objectives intended to move the University successfully into the future. Strategic Planning is also the process by which the University establishes budgetary priorities and allocates resources to support continuous and effective programs and services.
Strategic Planning is a function of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.  This website provides several resources for use by the Strategic Planning Committee and other members of the University committee with an interest in strategic planning at MVSU.

MVSU Mission Statement
MVSU 2012-2017 Strategic Plan
Statewide Benchmarks for Higher Education
Strategic Planning in Mississippi State Government
Building a Better Mississippi
Improving Mississippi’s Budgeting Process
Contact Information
Dr. Sharon Freeman, Assistant Vice President for
Institutional Research, Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
Suite 445, Sutton Administration Building