Welcome to the Department of Social Work



Sutton Hall - Pryor Morrow


Departmental Mission

The Department of Social Work is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and the promotion of accountable and ethical social work practice. The Department is dedicated to preparing students for entry-level social work positions and for graduate school. It also endeavors to provide technical support to community agencies and continuing education for professional social workers in the community.

The mission of the department is to prepare students for entry-level social work positions as generalist practitioners. Students are prepared to work with client systems at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels, including individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Our curriculum is firmly rooted in the person-in-environment perspective and frames social work practice as a blend of values, knowledge and skills. A special emphasis is placed in our degree program on the needs of impoverished minorities living in rural regions, especially in the Mississippi Delta. We also emphasize empowerment of client populations through advocacy for social and economic changes in the Delta and other poor and rural environments.


Academic Programs

The department offers two programs: Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work


Departmental Location

The Department is located on the 2nd floor of  the William W. Sutton Administration Building. The Social Work Department includes independent offices for the department chair, faculty and secretary. This building also accommodates one executive conference room, one faculty lounge, and one student study room. The building houses well-equipped modern classrooms with varying capabilities and amenities for the Department of Social Work, including two computer laboratories. All facilities provide excellent working and learning environments for Social Work faculty and students. In addition, the university houses many Social Work books, journals, and other related materials. The library building also houses a specially maintained Social Work reading room and a computer laboratory.