Welcome to the Department of Business Administration at Mississippi Valley State University. This web-site will provide you links to helpful information for someone who is interested in learning about our various degree programs. The Department of Business Administration offers three bachelor’s degree programs and a master’s degree program. Our dedicated full-time faculty not only excels in the classroom but is also engaged in a broad range of research, and is here to help shape and guide the minds of our students. We are proud of our programs and continuously striving to improve them to keep our graduates competitive in the job market. Our student body represents a rich mixture of cultures and languages. Our graduates are actively recruited by both private and public sectors with very competitive salaries. In addition, career assistance is provided through the University’s Career Service Center.
This web-site is meant to serve the Department of Business Administration’s mission of making teaching and learning as effective as possible, providing the best possible support to current and future students, and alumnae and providing the community a means to stay in touch with the activities of the department.  If you have any questions, please call the Department of Business Administration at 662.254.3600 or 662.254.3609 or via email at or

Naraseeyappa Rajanikanth, Interim Chair

Department of Business Administration

In 1951, what then was designated the Department of Business Education began offering Bachelor of Science degrees in Teacher Education and Secretarial Training. As the needs of students and academic standards changed over the years, so too, have the Department's degree offerings and curricula. Reflecting those changes, the Department of Business currently offers three bachelor degrees and is staffed by 13 full-time faculty.

The Department of Business offers the Bachelor of Science Degree. Persons may major in three areas: The Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting; the Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration; and the Bachelor of Science Degree in Office Administration. The student, with the assistance of an assigned advisor, is responsible for selecting course work that will satisfy both the University's general core curriculum requirements and the department's requirements for the particular degree program chosen.

Masters of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration officially began its Master of Business Administration program in the Fall of 2006. Today's multiculturalism, new technologies and globalization are significantly transforming American businesses. Reflecting these changes and the ever increasing educational demand, the Department of Business Administration, in conjunction with the College of Professional Studies, began offering a Master of Business Administration (MBA). The degree requirement is a total 36 graduate credit hours; 21 hours of core requirement and 15 hours of professional electives.

The program is intended primarily to meet the needs of the people living and working in the mid-Delta region wishing to pursue an MBA on a part-time basis. Thus, all classes will be held evenings and weekends. There is no similar program in the state of Mississippi.

For additional information on the MBA program, click here.