National Student Business League

The National Student Business League (NSBL) serves as the collegiate division of the National Business League. One of its major objectives is to promote professionalism among Black business students. The purpose of the NSBL is to bring a sense of unity to business students as well as give an opportunity for business students to meet, interact, and conduct business ventures in an orderly fashion. NSBL has a purpose to incorporate a business aspect of learning and to sponsor information sessions and other awareness programs to make students conscious of the business environment.

Founded in 1900 by Booker T. Washington, the mission of NBL is to eliminate the isolation of the African-American business community by stimulating civic pride, eliminate racial prejudice and discrimination; and prevent the continued deterioration of African-American occupied areas by improving the business skills and knowledge of present and future African-American business persons through education; and encouraging and aiding all persons seeking and taking advantage of business opportunities wherever such opportunities may be found; and being the chief advocate for African-American businesses.

Advisor: Mr. L.W. Simms...................(662) 254-3712

More information will be available soon