Why Business Administration?

Most accredited universities and colleges seem to lump "business administration" as a big umbrella major with several concentrations ranging from finance to human resource to marketing to information systems. This has its advantages in that most if not all business students have to take a core that touches on all areas of business no matter what concentration they are in. Generally, "business administration" breaks down to these categories, and their usual general theories:

  • Finance/Economics - how to maximize profits, reduce losses, and manage money/capital
  • Human Resources - managing people effectively, hiring the right kinds of people and firing the ones not worthy of holding the position
  • Marketing - penetrate markets, consumer behaviors, brand management, communication, marketing strategies, sales and market share with competitors
  • Operations Management - optimize business functions and create efficient processes
  • Information Systems - data is integral in business, I.S. people learn to manage, utilize, and integrate technology in its business
  • Accounting - the IRS/SEC requires it
  • Real Estate - finding out exactly what the client needs and then determining how to fill that need

The Department of Business Administration strives to prepare its students to prosper within a career that best accentuates the strengths of the students.