Health Center


At the Student Health Center, we believe you should develop personal responsibility for your health during your years at MVSU.  Staying healthy will give you a competitive edge, both now and in the future.  Maximize your education at the MVSU by improving your health and staying healthy.

Mission & Goal

The Student Health Center does not exist to replace the student's private physician but is primarily organized to provide affordable education and preventive healthcare and health maintenance.  Students benefit from services that are at decreased or no cost.  This prevents the need of the student to leave campus to seek care, which results in medical bills which financially burden the students.


The Health Center provides educational and preventative health care to the student body of Mississippi Valley State University. Contractual medical services are provided by a licensed physician. Student patients are referred to outside entities as required by individual cases.

8:00am to 5pm, Mondays - Thursdays
8:00am to 12noon - Fridays

**Closed on weekends and official holidays



In the event of an accident or illness, the student should:

  • If on campus, report immediately to the Student Health Center so the proper treatment can be prescribed.
  • If away from the University, consult a doctor and follow his/her advice.
  • Report all accidents or illnesses to the Student Health Center as soon as possible.

Illnesses in the residence halls should be reported to the Student Health Center.  Any student who is found to have a communicable disease is encouraged to inform the Health Center, so that the University can provide him/her with the necessary counseling.  The University's administration is committed to take every reasonable precaution to provide a safe, healthy environment on campus.  Without assuming any financial responsibility, the University reserves the right to recommend such medical attention and care as may be deemed necessary in case of a student's illness or accident.

If you are seeking medical assistance after hours, weekends or holidays, please contact your residence hall staff or call the MVSU Police Department at 254-3478.

For emergencies after hours, weekends or holidays, contact the MVSU Police Department at 254-3478.

For any student too sick or injured to physically come to the Student Health Center during regular hours, #911 should be call to sumon MedStat.  Then, MVSU Police Department should then be called at 254-3478.  Residential Hall Assistants or Directors should also be notified if the student is in the Residence Halls.


Other Resources

Local Health Care Provider

Local Pharmacies

Walmart Pharmacy:  662-453-4656

Walgreen Pharmacy:  662-451-1121

CVS Pharmacy:  662-453-8505