Filing for Graduation

A student must complete an application for a degree by the deadline listed on the Academic Calendar.  The initial degree requirement evaluation is conducted by the student's academic advisor/and/or department chair.

Upon completion of the initial evaluation(s), prospective graduating seniors who have met the requirements to be considered for the Spring Commencement are required to complete the "Application to Graduate."

To facilitate the graduation process, the following procedure is followed:

  • A nonrefundable application fee of $25.00 per application must be paid to the Cashier's Office in order to apply for graduation.
  • The "Application to Graduate" is submitted to the student's academic department.
  • The student's academic department is responsible for notifying the student of deficiencies or requirements to complete the degree program.
  • The student's academic advisor submits to the Department Chair for the respective major the "Application to Graduate" along with other supporting documents (e.g. Degree Audit Compliance Report, Curriculum Pattern and the "Course Substitution and Waiver Form", if applicable..
  • From the Department Chair's office, the application documents are submitted to the Office of the Provost.
  • Upon review/approval by the Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, these documents are submitted to the Office of Student Records/University Registrar.
  • Once the graduation application documents are filed with the Office of Student Records/University Registrar, a formal degree audit/evaluation is prepared by the Office of Student Records/University Registrar.  The academic department is provided, for each prospective graduate, an up-to-date status change during the graduation clearance process.
  • Final grades are to be submitted for each prospective graduating senior by the date designated on the "Academic Calendar".
  • The final academic clearance for prospective graduating seniors is conducted via their academic departments.
  • If the requirements are not met for the degree for the Commencement for which the student applied, the completion of another "Application to Graduate" is required and the application process is repeated for the next Commencement.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates relating to the submission of the graduation application, academic clearance, and Commencement.