Unofficial Transcripts

You may obtain unofficial transcripts on Banner Web free of charge. Log into Banner Web (, select Student and Financial Aid, select Student Records, select Unofficial Transcripts, leave the defaults in the drop down boxes and click on submit.

Official Transcripts

The quickest and most convenient way to order official transcripts is to order on-line. However, there are other ways to order that may take more time or may cost more.   The first official transcript is  free, after that the charge is $10.00  per transcript - official and unofficial (in addition to other fees).

The total cost and turnaround time of the transcript will depend on how it is ordered, requested format and method of delivery chosen.

Transcripts can be ordered online, by mail, fax or in person.  Available formats include electronic (secure PDF),  and paper.  They can be delivered, electronically via the  eScrip-Safe Network, standard USPS mail, overnight mail, faxed or picked up in person.   

No transcript will be released until all financial obligations to the University are satisfied and transcript fees are paid.   Plan ahead and order transcripts early.

Please note: When ordering you have the option to have the transcript order held until grades are posted.



To order transcripts online:

In Person

If you prefer to make your request in person, you may visit the:

Office of Student Records/UniversityRegistrar
William W. Sutton Administration Building
First Floor
Suite 181 or 182

A completed Transcript Request Form, (click the link to obtain a printable version) payment receipt (Pay fee in the Cashier's Office), and picture ID are required.  If you want to authorize someone to request or pick up a transcript, a signed letter from you granting that permission must be presented and the authorized person must present a picture ID.

Mail / FAX

You may mail or fax a signed transcript request form  to:
Office of Student Records/University Registrar
Mississippi Valley State University
MVSU 7264, 14000 Highway 82 West
Itta Bena, MS 38941
Fax: 662-254-3325
Turn-around time for transcripts requested through the mail is typically three to five business days, plus mailing time.

Select  A  Format

 We can provide transcripts (official and unofficial) in these formats:

  • Electronic (secure PDF) format delivered to any receiver’s email address (one-time only) or to any school on the eScrip-Safe Network.  We can produce PDF transcripts faster than paper transcripts and sending a PDF transcript eliminates mailing time. 
  • Paper format printed on security paper delivered by USPS.  Overnight mailing is also available for additional charges of $19.95 for Express Mail plus $3.00 for the Transcripts Plus fee. You may submit your request directly with Transcripts Plus and still request overnight mailing, as described above. You can access Transcript-on-Demand at:
  • Paper format printed on security paper to be picked up in person (or by an authorized person) at the Office of Student Records/University Registrar on Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  (If someone other than you is authorized to pick up the transcript, a note with your signature granting that permission must be presented.  The authorized person must present a picture ID.

Choose a Method of Delivery

  • Electronic delivery to schools or University/College via eSCRIP-SAFE
  • First Class Mail through the United States Postal Services
  • Overnight Mail through the United States Postal Services
  • Pick-up in the Office of Student Records/University Registrar's (with picture ID)
  • Fax

Turnaround Time

The time it takes from your request until your recipient receives your transcript varies because of many factors. The most significant factor is mailing time. Making your request through Transcripts-on-Demand or in person will eliminate the mailing time for your request to reach the Office of Student Records/University Registrar. Sending an electronic transcript rather than mailing a paper transcript will eliminate mailing time for the receiver.

You can check on the status of your transcript request by going to the “View Status of Transcript Requests” on Banner –Sutton 2 or on Transcripts Plus website.  This link will show the date your request was completed or if your request is still in process.  Here is what to expect in terms of turnaround time:

  • Electronic transcripts requests through Transcripts-on-Demand, usually reach their destination approximately two days from the date of the request. 
  • Paper transcripts requested through Banner – Sutton 2 or Transcripts-on-Demand usually take two-four business days to process, not including mailing time.
  • Paper transcripts requested through the mail usually take three-five business days to process, not including mailing time.
  • In-person request for transcripts can be picked up immediately.
  • Please note that turnaround times may increase during the end of each semester, because of increased volume. Be aware that final grades are posted on transcripts about three days after a term ends and degrees are posted approximately three weeks after Commencement.  Please be sure to indicate in the request if you have a deadline by which the transcript must be received.


Transcript $10.00 (after complimentary copy)
Addtional Costs    
Ordering Online (Transcripts on $ 3.00
  In Person / Mail / Fax $ 0.00
Delivery Electronic (eScrip-Safe Network) $ 0.00
  Regular Mail $ 0.00
  Overnight Mail $19.95
  Fax $15.00