Canvas Login Instructions

Office 365 Logins for Canvas

  • Faculty and Students use their Valley email addresses and passwords to access Canvas
  • The login screen will be the same as the screen you see when you check your email from a browser
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Click here to login to Canvas

Your username is your MVSU email address. Your password is the password you use to log into your email account. Please use the linked instructions if this is you have never logged into your email account. WiFi and computer login instructions If you do not have an email address you will need to contact the Department of Information Technology to have your email account created. If your email address does not match the email address in Canvas, please send an email to with the correct email address.

*Students if you register or drop a class it will take at least 24hrs to reflect on your Canvas account.
For help 24/7 (365) you can use the Canvas Helpline at (662)254-4104.