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The MBA Program Is Currently Accepting Applications for the Fall 2024 Semester!!  Please check with the MVSU Graduate Admissions Office for the deadline for submission of fully completed Fall 2024 applications. 

The application process for entry into the MVSU Graduate Studies Program(s): To apply for admissions to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, simply click on the "Graduate Application" link at the bottom of this page and submit along with the other required supporting documentation to the Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU) Office of Admission & Recruitment via email at  If there are additional questions about the graduate admissions process, please contact Ms Angela Amos at the MVSU Office of Admission & Recruitment at: Phone-(662-254-3347) and  In addition to being admitted into the university’s Graduate Studies Program(s), specifically, applicants admitted into the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program must:

  • Have earned an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited college or university.

  • Have achieved an undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher (Starting Fall 2023).

  • If transferring from another graduate program, the program must be fully accredited and the graduate transfer grade point average (GPA) must be 3.0 or higher.  

    • Note:  Only six hours of graduate course work completed at one or more universities or colleges are transferable.

  • Have submitted a fully "Typed" and completed graduate application to the MVSU Graduate Admissions Office with the required supporting documentation with explicit attention to details and accuracy and consistency of all information notated on all submitted documentation (this will be strictly and explicitly scrutinized).  In addition, please do not submit "duplicate" copies of documents that do not require duplication as this causes confusion and additional effort on the part of the reviewer to parse through your application packet.  Please be advised that your grade point average (GPA) will not be the only criterion that will be assessed; the entirety of your graduate application packet will be scrutinized and assessed for 1) overall professionalism, 2) the overall accuracy, consistency, and clarity of information on your documents, and 3) the level of communications (orally or in writing).  The graduate admissions application packet must include:

    • Transcripts from all universities attended or the transcripts that you wish to use as part of the application criteria.  If you are a graduate of Mississippi Valley State University, your transcripts should be on file with the MVSU Office of Student Records, however, you are still required to submit them as part of the graduate admissions application packet.

    • Three professional letters of reference or recommendation and each recommendation letter should have the accompanying Letter of Recommendation Form that is part of the graduate admissions application. For MBA applicants, professional letters of recommendation are not accepted from former or current university faculty or instructors. The professional recommendation letters should be submitted by those with whom you have worked (supervisor or co-worker, paid or volunteer work). All recommendation letters must be on official letterhead from the recommenders. In addition, each of the three recommendation letters should have a signature.  

    • A professional resume or curriculum vitae (CV)

    • Copies of your most recent immunization records. If you have attended Mississippi Valley State University, your immunization records should be on file with the MVSU Admissions Office.

    • A Professional Statement (cover letter format).  A copy of a professional cover letter template can be downloaded to aid you with the formatting for your professional statement (/sites/default/files/banner/professional_cover_letter_template.docx).

    •    Your professional statement should include the following criteria:

      • Font type:  New Times Roman

      • Font size: 12pt

      • Not more than two or three pages

      • Spacing between sentences should be "1.5"

      • Margins should be "one inch" on all sides

      • Attention to the details and tenants of Standard English Grammar and proper and professional sentence structure

      • Free from any and all grammatical and sentence structure errors; as this will be strictly adhered to and scrutinized

      • The professional statement should address your 1) knowledge of professional business concepts and professional capabilities essential to function effectively in the profession2) professional and some personal motivations for pursuing a professional graduate business degree, with more of the emphasis on the professional motivations and less emphasis on the personal motivations3) why you chose Mississippi Valley State University to further your education at the graduate level in business administration, and 4) how attaining an MBA from Mississippi Valley State University will aid you with the achievement of your professional and personal endeavors 

MVSU Students Seeking Re-Enrollment To the MBA Program

Note If you are an MVSU student who has had a break in enrollment (one or more semesters), were in good academic standing at the time of the break in enrollment, and are seeking re-enrollment, please follow the procedures below:

Note:  If you are a graduate student who has been "Academically Dismissed" from the MBA program or any MVSU graduate program due to your GPA falling below the required minimum of "3.0", you must, also, follow the procedures below for readmission.  Please see the narrative concerning "Academic Probation" if approved for readmission into the MBA program.

1.  Submit the first two pages of the graduate admissions application with the information fully Typed. Please make sure to indicate on the application that you are seeking “Readmission”.  In addition, please ensure that the application has your “wet” signature.

2.  Along with the first two pages of the graduate admissions application, please submit a short narrative in a professional cover letter format explaining why you wish to be readmitted into the MBA program.  For your professional cover letter narrative, please use the provided professional cover letter template document, which can be accessed via the link in the above previous section.  In addition, please ensure that the professional cover letter has your “wet” signature. 

3.  Submit all documents to the MVSU Office of Graduate Admissions (the contact information for submission can be found, above, on this page).

Switching From an MVSU Graduate to the MBA Program

For those students who are currently in an MVSU graduate program and wish to switch to the MBA program, a “Change of Major” form will be required with the appropriate signatures.  In addition to the “Change of Major” form, the graduate student who wants to switch to the MBA program must provide and submit the required admissions application packet for evaluation by the MBA Coordinator.  The requirements and instructions for the MBA program can be found on this page in the previous or above section on this page.  Please submit all documentation to the MVSU Graduate Admissions Liaison, Ms Angela Amos whose contact information can be found at the top of this page.  Please be very careful to follow the criteria and instructions!

International Students 

Additional requirements for international students can be found in the 2021-2022 MVSU Graduate Catalog (pg 23, first paragraph) on the MVSU Website under:  Academic Affairs.  In addition, international students can contact the Office of International Programs at 662-254-3092 for more specific information that pertains to all MVSU graduate programs. In addition, concerning the IELTS scores:

The IELST score required for MVSU is 5.5-6.0.  The IELTS exam is comprised of two exams:  The General Training Reading and Writing Modules Exam and The Academic Reading and Writing Modules Exam.  The General Training exam is for those who wish to only work in an English-speaking country.  The Academic Exam is for those who wish to take up studies in an online academic program offered by an academic institution in an English-speaking or where English is the first language.  You will need to make sure that you submit the Academic Reading and Writing Modules test and you will need to make sure that the test date is current (should be renewed every two years starting from the initial test date).

NoteApplicants who are applying to the MBA program and who have an undergraduate degree in another discipline other than a business undergraduate degree are strongly encouraged to take “MBA Foundational” business courses for non-business majors.  These MBA foundational courses can be taken simultaneously with MBA courses.  These MBA Foundational courses include: 

AC 221

Financial Accounting

BA 212

Principles of Economics

BA 322

Business Finance

BA 314


BA 205

Business Statistics

BA 343

Principles of Marketing

MVSU (For MBA Program) Graduate Application