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Integrated Library System 6/10/2020   Awarded to Sirsi Corporation

Addendum 1

Addendum 1 Word

Addendum II

President's Office

VSRP-100068   PDF

VSRP-100068- Word

Cafeteria- Food Services December 9, 2020 11/4-6/2020 Supended until further notice 10/28/20 Supended until further notice 10/28/20
Business & Finance VSRP-10069 Banking Services GeneralOperating January 27, 2021   Cancelled Addendum I for All the Listed RFP's
Business & Finance VSRP-100070 Banking Services
January 27, 2021   Cancelled Listed Above
Business & Finance VSRP-100071

Banking Services
Credit Cards

January 27, 2021   Cancelled Listed Above
Business & Finance VSRP-100072

Banking Services
Housing Account

January 27, 2021   Cancelled Listed Above
Business & Finance VSRP-100073

Banking Services
Investment Account

January 27, 2021   Cancelled Listed Above
Business & Finance VSRP-100074

Banking Services
Payroll Account

January 27, 2021   Cancelled Listed Above
Business &Finance VSRP-100075

Banking Services  General Operating

May 12, 2021   Awarded to CB&S Bank Addendum 1 for All Listed Banking Service RFP's Listed Below
Business & Finance VSRP-100076 Banking Servies Advancement Endowed Many 12, 2021   Awarded to CB&S Bank Listed Above
Business & Finance VSRP-100077

Banking Services     Credit Card

May12, 2021   Awarded to CB&S Bank Listed Above
Business & Finance VSRP-100078 Banking Services Housing Account May 12, 2021   Awarded to CB&S Bank Listed Above
Business & Finance VSRP-100079 Banking Services Investment Account May 12, 2021   Awarded to CB&S Bank Listed Above
Business & Finance VSRP-100080 Banking Services    Payroll Account May 12, 2021   Awarded to CB&S Bank Listed Above
Student Affairs VSRP-100081 Student Health Center June 8, 2021   Award in Progress Addendum 1
Fine Ats VSRB-1001027 Band Instruments Project July 20, 2021   Awarded to Mississippi Music Addendum 1
Financial Aid VSRP100082 Financial Aid Automation August 19, 2021   Awarded to Campus Logics Awarded to Campus Logic
Information Technology VSRP100083 Card Access System August 3, 2021   Awarded to Touchnet.

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Addendum 3

Facilities Managemnt VSRB1001028 Front Loader Garbage Truck September 9, 2021  

Awarded to Ingram Equipment Company, LLC



Facilities Management VSRB1001029 Basketball Pavilion Project October 19, 2021   Awarded to Lowest bidder K T Builder Inc. Addendum 1
Facilities Management VSRB1001030

UV-C Tower Light Devices & Air Filtration Devices


November 30, 2021  

Intent to Award to Elipxe Solutions 

Bid Tabulation Sheet

Cancelled due to a valid protest.

Addendum 1


J H White Library VSSS1001031 Sole Source LibApps February 15, 2022  

Awarded to Springshare

Only one response to the Sole Source Advertisement.

Academic Affairs VSSS1001032 Sole Source Student Success Management System April 14, 2022      
Facilities Management

No top sheet.

Bid done by professional Architect. 

Section 00 00 00

Baseball Pavilion

April 19, 2022


  Project on hold.  

Addendum 1

Addendum 2

Addendum 3

Addendum 4

Facilities Management

No top sheet

Bid done by Professional Architect


Stadium Track Resurfacing

May 25, 2022



No vendors Responded to the  bid opening.


Facilities Management VSRB 1001033 Lease for (4) 56 passenger buses June 30, 2022   Rejected by DFA.  Will rebid  
Facilities Management

Bid Done by Professional Architect



Stadium Track Resurfacing July 7, 2022  

*Intent to award pending AG's and President's approvals.

Bid Tabulation

Awarded to Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc.

Addendum 1


Fine Arts VSRB 1001034 Band Instruments July 26, 2022  

Will rebid

Not awarded

Facilities Management VSRB 10010135 Vehicle Auction September 22, 2022   Bid Tabulation Sheet  
Fine Arts VSRB 1001036 Band Instruments September 13, 2022  

Awarded to Alto Music

Bid Tabulation

Facilities Management VSRB 1001037 56 Passenger Lease September 1, 2022   Awarded to ABC Bus Inc.  
Academic Affairs VSRB 1001038 Student Success Platform/Software & Support October 26, 2022  

Addendum 1 Bid Inquiries

This project will rebid.

Not awarded.

Facilities Management

Bid done by Professional Architect.  Please review the advertisement for instructions from the architect. 



Erection/Structural for Rice-Totten Stadium for installation/commissioning of Audio/Video Equipment January 25, 2023   Addendum 1  
Institutional Research VSRB1001039 Sole Source Accreditation Software 2/21/2023   Awarded  
Facilities Management VSRB1001040 Bid done by Professional Architect.  Please view the advertised specifications from the architect. Campus Signage 8/10/2023  


Addendum 1

Contract Awarded to Munn Enterprises, Inc.

Bid Tabulation & Letter of Recommendattion

James Herbert White Library VSRB1001041 Springshare Sole Source 9/4/2023  

No Responses (will be readvertised)

Institutional Research VSRB1001042 Anthology Sole Source 9/1/2023   No responses (will be readvertised)  
Facilities Management VSRB1001043 Purchase (2) 56 passenger buses 9/14/2023  

 Awarded to ABC Companies pending IHL approval. Notification of IHL approval will be entered upon MVSU receiving the approval notice from IHL.

Awarded to ABC Companies.  

Institutional Research VSRB1001044 Course Evaluation & Planning Software 9/28/2023      
J H White Library VSRB1001045 Springshare Sole Source software 9/29/2023      
Admissions VSRP1001046 Slate Professional Services/Consultant 10/25/2023  

RFP process is suspended.  1/2024


Addendum 1

Addendum 2

Facilities Management

Professional Architect Project

Plan Room:

Rice-Totten Football Field Turf Replacement 5/14/2024 Pre-bid Meeting on 4/24/2024 @ Willie Malone Building @ 10:30 am.  

Addendum 1

Addendum 2