MVSU's response to Coronavirus

Latest Update #19 - March 31, 2020: Mississippi Valley State University Testing Center
Information regarding MVSU Testing Center Schedules

Mississippi Valley State University continues to closely monitor the global health emergency and outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, known as COVID-19.  

With hundreds of cases confirmed in the Mississippi and nearby states, we understand the increased possible risk of exposure to our campus community. MVSU’s Emergency Response Team is monitoring this fluid situation by following recommendations from the State Department and the CDC. We are also working closely with government agencies to obtain advice and guidance on managing the campus in the event of a confirmed case. 

If any urgent information needs to be communicated, notifications will be posted on this webpage. Students, faculty, and staff will also be notified via MVSU News, ReGroup text messaging, Facebook (@valley.state), and Twitter (@MVSUDevils).

News & Updates Concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest Update #18 - March 26, 2020: Witdrawal Dates for Spring 2020
Revised Withdrawal Dates for Spring 2020 Semester

Latest Update #17 - March 26, 2020: Mental Health Resources
Mental Health Resources for MVSU Students - downloadable pdf file

Latest Update #16 - March 25, 2020: Temporary Grade Policy Change
Temporary Grade Policy Change Option for “V” and “P” Grades

Latest Update #15 - March 25, 2020: Assessing Student Support Services
Assessing Student Support Services and Resources - Instructons on Accessing Support Services

Latest Update #14 - March 25, 2020: Internet Access for MVSU Students
MVSU Internet Access for Students - Updated - downloadable pdf

Latest Update #13 - March 23, 2020: Housing Clarification
Clarification in regard to remaining in Campus Housing

Update #12 - March 22, 2020: - Grading Policy Announcement
University review of the Grading Policy due to COVID-19 Pandemic -downloadable pdf file

Update #11 - March 20, 2020: Special Internet Available to Students
Internet Access for MVSU Students - downloadable pdf file

Update #10 - March 20, 2020: Address to the Student Body
Brandon McCall addresses the Student Body

Update #9 - March 19, 2020: Operating guidelines and procedures until further notice
Operating Guidelines and Procedures Until Further Notice as of 3-19-2020

Update #8 - March 19, 2020: MVSU Postpones Spring 2020 Commencement
MVSU Postpones Spring 2020 Graduation Ceremony

Update #7 - March 18, 2020: Classes Resume Monday, March 23
MVSU Classes Resume March 23, 2020 virtually

Update #6 - March 17, 2020: Cancelled Events
Canceled and Postponed University Events

Update #5 - March 16, 2020: Operating Guidelines and Procedures
Operating guidelines and procedures for the week of March 16-March-20

Update #4 - March 16, 2020: Register Your Travel
Please click here to register your travel

Update #3 - March 13, 2020: COVID-19 Cases in Leflore County
COVID-19 Cases in Greenwood/Leflore County, Mississippi

 Update #2 - March 12, 2020: COVID-19 University Updates
University Updates and Precautionary Measures

Update #1 - March 11, 2020: National COVID-19 Case Status
COVID-19 Case Status As of 3-13-2020