Operating guidelines and procedures for the week of March 16-March 20


TO: Mississippi Valley State University Employees
FROM: MVSU President Dr. Jerryl Briggs
DATE: March 16, 2020
RE: Operating guidelines and procedures for the week of March 16-March 20

As we are aware, Mississippi Valley State University is fully operational today, Monday, March 16, 2020. The University has been closely monitoring developments with the COVID-19 pandemic.  New cases are being reported daily, including one person testing positive in Greenwood.  Also, we are aware that Governor Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency, so it continues to be paramount that we use all precautious measures to help protect our University community.

Given the continued heightened urgency we are all experiencing, the University will remain operational with a limited staff for the remainder of this week.


We ask that all department chairs, directors, and department supervisors report to work as normally scheduled.


If you are among those staff members designated as essential personnel when the University experiences an emergency closing, we ask that you anticipate reporting to work following your normal work schedule. This is critical as we have several students still residing on campus. Your supervisor will be providing you with further instructions. Please notify your supervisor immediately if you are returning from travel, or if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19.


Some employees who are typically designated as non-essential will be required to work over the coming days.  Because the University is still open, each department will need a limited number of employees to remain operational.  We have asked supervisors to reduce the number of personnel to the bare minimum and to rotate those employees who must report to the extent possible.  While at home, we are asking that you work remotely if you are able. Please understand that the University is operating under unprecedented circumstances, and we need each employee to remain flexible. This notice is effective Tuesday, March 16, 2020, until Friday, March 20, 2020.  At that time, we will re-evaluate our needs to determine how we best move forward.


Faculty will dedicate the remainder of this week preparing to implement our instructional contingency plans.  Resources will be available both on campus and online to provide the necessary training.  Additional information will be forthcoming from Academic Affairs.


As we continue to plan our emergency response to COVID-19, we’re asking that all individuals who have traveled, during Spring Break, both internationally and domestically, provide us with your travel information. All information will remain confidential and will be used only to help us be as responsive and supportive as possible in our efforts to combat COVID-19. You can submit your information here: https://www.mvsu.edu/register-your-travel


Local schools have announced that they will be closed this coming week and many other schools/daycare facilities will be closed as well.  In light of that, we are aware that some of you will need special accommodations as you face childcare challenges.  We have asked that all supervisors to make all reasonable efforts to accommodate you to the extent possible.  In making your determination on requiring who should report to work/not report to work, please be considerate of your coworkers with small children.    


If you have been asked to report to campus and are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (i.e. fever of 100.4+, shortness of breath, coughing) you should not come to campus. Please notify your supervisor immediately that you are unable to come to campus.

This is an extremely unprecedented time for our community, so we thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support. Please continue to monitor your University e-mail, social media pages and website (www.mvsu.edu/coronavirus) for further announcements and updates.

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