Temporary Grade Policy Change

OPTION FOR “V” and “P” Grades


On March 24, 2020, Mississippi Valley State University’s Academic Policy Council passed a resolution to implement a temporary Spring Semester 2020 Grading Policy, which will allow students an option to receive a “V” or “P” grade.
Per the resolution, for the Spring 2020 Semester ONLY, MVSU students will have the option of keeping their assessed semester course grades or receiving a grade of "V" if the assessed course grade is "A", "B", or "C", and a grade of "P" if the assessed grade is "D".
The procedure will be as follows:

  1. A faculty member will assign the course grade in accordance with the original grading scale listed on the course syllabi or when the course was approved initially.
  2. In the week after grades are submitted, the student has the option to keep the grade assigned by the faculty member, or convert that grade according to the chart below:


Students who choose a “V” or “P” grade, will receive course credit hours that count towards graduation but will not be counted in the overall GPA calculation.  A “P” grade will not meet the grade requirement for later courses that require a “C” or better if the student chooses to change a “D” course grade to “P”. An explanation of these grade designations will appear on the student’s transcript.  These decisions can be made per Spring 2020 Semester Course.

F grades are unchanged: a grade of F does not earn course credits and is calculated as part of a student’s GPA.
The Office of Academic Affairs will provide students with additional guidance in the coming weeks. Students, however, are encouraged to give thoughtful consideration to the following impact "V" and "P" might have:

  • Effect on financial aid status, particularly on academic probation.
  • Effect on academic scholarship status, especially external scholarships.
  • Effect on athletic scholarship status, e.g, PTD, eligibility.
  • Effect on graduation status,--minimum GPA requirement.
  • Effect on tuition remission arrangements, such as that for veterans and their dependents.