Refunds for Spring 2020 - COVID-19 Update

What will MVSU be offering as part of the refund?
MVSU will issue prorated refunds to students who paid for university-sponsored Student Housing, university-sponsored meal plans and parking fees during the Spring 2020 semester. Each eligible student will receive a prorated refund to their student account. If the student has a current outstanding balance, the refund will be applied to that balance.


Which expenses are excluded from the refund?
A student will not be issued a refund for portions of housing or meals that were paid by institutional scholarship programs.


What are the dates being used to calculate the refund?
Refunds will be prorated for the period from March 16 (the Monday after Spring Break) through May 8. The amount refunded to each student will be calculated and processed individually.


How will the refund be disbursed?
Refunds will be paid using Bankmobile, the platform in which a student typically receives funds returned by the university.


Will there be refunds issued for tuition and other fees?
Based on guidance by our governing board, the Board of Trustees of the Mississippi State Institutions of Higher Learning, the university will not provide refunds for tuition, academic fees and activity fees as these are critical to support continuity of instruction, operations and related support. This includes course fees and the Student Activity fee.

How do I apply for my refund?
Our Department of Business and Finance is working with the Office of Residential/Student Housing to determine all eligible students and the appropriate dates for the prorated refund.

How will I  know when my refund has been processed?
Once the refund is processed, eligible students will be notified via their University e-mail and through a text message sent to the number the student has on file.


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