Frequently Ask Questions

Below you will find the answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Office of Residential Life at (662) 254-3590 or email reslife@mvsu.edu

Q: What size are the mattresses?

A: Mattresses are twin size and regular length, 36"x80".

Q: Are single rooms available?

A: We do not assign students to single rooms due to space limitations in some of the residence halls; however, if space becomes available during the semester, we will make an attempt to honor requests for single rooms. 

Q: What is included in each room?

A: Each room has two twin beds, two desks, two closets, 2 chairs, and dressers with exception of Valley Annex.

Q: Is there a curfew?

A: No. There is no curfew; however, there is a visitation policy from 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Sunday - Thursday, and 3:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Friday -Saturday in each residence hall.

Q: Is smoking allowed in the residence halls?

A: No, smoking is not allowed in the residence hall. All residence halls are smoke free.

Q: Can we have pets in the residence hall?

A: No. Pets are not allowed in the residence halls.

Q: Can freshmen have cars on campus?

A: Yes. Freshmen are allowed to have cars on campus.

Q: What should I leave at home?

A: The following items are not allowed in the residence hall: George Foreman grills toasters, candles and incense, decorative alcohol bottles, toaster ovens, crock pots, sandwich makers, hot plates, and fryers of any kind.

Q: Are there staff members who live in the residence halls?

A: Yes. Located on each floor or group of floors, you will find a Resident Advisor (RA) who lives on the floor with the residents. In addition, each residence hall has a full-time professional Residence Hall Director to work with students and staff in their respective buildings.

Q: What is a Resident Advisor (RA)?

A: A Resident Advisor is a student leader who lives on each floor of the residence hall. He or she assists the Residence Hall Director in establishing and maintaining a safe community environment, which fosters the development of individual living in a hall and performs specific duties assigned by the Residence Hall Director.

Q: What is a Residence Hall Director?

A: A Residence Hall Director is a trained professional staff member who is responsible for the management and the daily operations of their respective Residence Hall. The Residence Hall Director is the direct supervisor for the Resident Advisors.

Q: Are my personal belongings insured by the University?

A: No. The University does not assume responsibility at any time for the private property of its students, and is not liable for the loss or damage of any personal property anywhere on the premises. You or your parents/guardians are encouraged to carry appropriate insurance to cover your personal belongings. Consider the following as an example for services. www.nssi.com

Q: May I remain in the residence hall if I withdraw from school?

A: No. If you withdraw from school, you are no longer a student, therefore you must checkout of your room and return your room key to a Residential Life/Student Housing Staff Member.

Q: How can I be released from my housing agreement at the end of the fall semester?

A: Current residents may submit a request to be released from their housing agreement anytime during the fall semester. Approval will only be given to students who provide documentation and a valid reason for not being able to fulfill their housing commitment during the spring semester ( ex. military service, medical condition, marital status, enrollment status). If approved, the student must be properly checked out of the residence hall room at the end of the semester and take all of his/her belongings.

Q: Why do I have to consolidate if my roommate moves out?

A: All students residing in the residence halls are charged a double room rate, except Valley Annex.  If you do not want to be charged a single rate, you must move to another room with another student or another student may move in the room with you.

Q: How do I receive mail and packages?

A: In order to receive mail and packages, each student must rent a post office box from the University Post Office.  Mail and packages that are sent by family and friends should be addressed as the following:

Student’s First and Last Name

Mississippi Valley State University

MVSU Mailbox Number

14000 Highway 82 West

Itta Bena, MS  38941

 Q: What is there to do in the Residence Halls?

A: There are plenty of things to do in the residence halls. In each building, the Resident Advisors will provide activities throughout the semester for the residents to attend.  In addition, each residence hall has a Hall Council that is supervised by professional staff. The Hall Council serves as the voice of the building and its residents when communicating with the Office of Residential Life.