Service Learning Courses

Selected courses throughout the academic offering incorporate service into course curriculum. These courses will be designated on the class schedule by (SL). Service hours earned in these courses may count toward community service hour requirements.

Service Learning Courses
SP201 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (SL)
SP 435 Organizational Communications (SL)
MU 192 Seminar (Spring Semester) (SL)
AR 192 Seminar (Spring Semester) (SL)
EN 363 Major Black Writers (Fall Semester) (SL)
EN 101 Freshman Composition (Fall Semester) (SL)
EN 102 Freshman Composition (Spring Semester) (SL)
EN 201 World Literature (Fall Semester) (SL)
EN 202 World Literature (Spring Semester) (SL)
ED 102 General Psychology (SL)
PE 201 Individual and Dual Sport (SL)
PE 204 Foundations of Physical Education (SL)
PE 307 Adaptive Physical Education (SL)
PE 308 Team Sports (SL)
PE 403 Methods of Health & Physical Education (SL)
AC 403 Tax II (Spring Semester) (SL)
SW 330 Methods of Social Work Practice I (SL)
SW 410 Methods of Social Work Practice II (SL)
SW 420 Methods of Social Work Practice III (SL)