Grade and Quality Points

Each instructor assigns grades to students based on standards established as appropriate for each class. Written papers, participation in class discussions, mid-term tests, final examinations, and class attendance may be used by an instructor to determine grades. It is the student's responsibility to comply with the criteria used in grading by instructors. Students should consult with instructors during office hours for assistance.

The class work of the student will be indicated according to the following pattern of values.

Grade Value Quality Points
Per Credit Hour
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Average 2
D Poor 2
F Failure 0
I Incomplete -
W Withdrew from Class -
WP Withdrew from School -
P Passing -
IP In Progress -

A grade of "I" (Incomplete) may be submitted in lieu of a final grade and then only when the student, because of illness, death in his/her immediate family or similar circumstances beyond his/her control, is unable to complete the course requirements or to take the final examination. An undergraduate student who receives a grade of "I" is responsible for arranging to complete the final examination. All coursework must be completed within 60 calendar days after the beginning of the student's next period of enrollment, excluding summer terms. An incomplete grade, for a student who fails to enroll, must be changed to a permanent grade within 12 months after the grade is recorded. Each grade of "I" that has not been changed to a permanent grade by the specified time allowed will be converted to a grade of "F". A student may repeat a course for the purpose of earning a permanent grade. The last grade will be the final grade. For courses such as senior project, thesis, and internship the grade of "IP" (In Progress) will be given until coursework is completed.

The permanent grade submitted to remove the grade of "I" or the grade of "IP" must be verified by the instructor's roll book. Change of grades must be approved by the department chair, college dean, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.