Class Attendance

Regular and punctual attendance is required for all classes and activities earning credit. Students must comply with class attendance policies set by individual faculty members and complete all work required for each course.

Faculty members are obligated to notify students in writing at the beginning of each semester of the policies and procedures on absences and make-up work. When students must be absent from class, they are required to make arrangements satisfactory to the instructor with regard to work missed.

When students know in advance that they will be absent from class, instructors should be notified and arrangements made to secure assignments.

Students may obtain from the Vice President of Student Affairs an official excuse from class due to an emergency (illness, accidents, jury duty, or death in the immediate family) or for attendance at officially-authorized field trips sponsored by the University. Official absences presented to the instructor within seven days from the date of the absence entitles the student to make up any work missed.

Faculty members are required to submit absences and never attended reports to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Students who never attended class(es) will be administratively dropped from the class(es) which may affect the students' eligibility for financial aid.