Computer Literacy

The environment in which students learn has significantly changed during the past decade. The ability to use computers, to access and present information is an important basic skill. It is for this reason that the Mississippi Valley State University Computer Literacy Requirement has been implemented.

Many students coming to Mississippi Valley State University will already have acquired computer related skills through high school course work or other means. The computer related skills already acquired by incoming freshmen will be assessed through a computer literacy test. The purpose of this computer literacy test is to assess the fundamental computer skills of all students enrolling in Mississippi Valley State University to obtain a Bachelor's degree. These skills involve basic us of computers, word processing, spreadsheet software, Internet resources, e-mail and computer hardware, and software knowledge. In this computer-driven world, these skills are a bare minimum for any student to be successful in his or her academic discipline. During the course of the study at Mississippi Valley State University, students will learn advanced use of computers and technology related to their academic discipline as depicted or integrated into the corresponding curriculum. If any incoming freshman fails this test, then he/she will have to take an appropriate computer literacy course during his/her freshman year.

The following guidelines apply to the computer literacy test:

  1. The passing mark is 70%
  2. Duration of the test is one hour
  3. The test can be taken only once
  4. The test will be arranged and administered by the University Testing Center
  5. The test questions will be selected by designated committee