Missions & Goals



Mississippi Valley State University,as a Carnegie Classified Master’s University, provides comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs in education, the arts and sciences, and professional studies. The University is driven by its commitment to excellence in teaching, learning, service, and research – a commitment resulting in a learner-centered environment that prepares critical thinkers, exceptional communicators, and service-oriented, engaged, and productive citizens. MVSU is fundamentally committed to positively impacting the quality of life and creating extraordinary educational opportunities for the Mississippi Delta and beyond.


Mississippi Valley State University aspires to become the educational crown jewel of the Mississippi Delta, and inso doing, the institution will attract students of diverse backgrounds as a result of its innovative academic programs; commitment to developing entrepreneurs; and globalized focus intertwined throughout the academic curricula and support services. In its quest for distinctiveness, uniqueness,innovation, and longevity, the University will become the public square of the Mississippi Delta, responsible for engaging an ever-expanding group of collaborators focused on identifying and implementing solutions to the problems that have plagued the delta region for generations. As a result, Mississippi Valley State University will serve as the catalyst for an enhanced quality of life and increased educational opportunities for the citizens of a revitalized Mississippi Delta.


As an institution of higher learning within the Mississippi Delta, Mississippi Valley State University believes it exists to meet the needs of all of its stakeholders and to create a positive impact throughout the region. In order to achieve its mission and move towards realization of its vision, MVSU is driven by seven values that act as an internal compass responsible for ensuring unity of effort, dedication to a common direction, and commitment to fulfilling its calling.


Service is at the core of the University’s charter, is the impetus behind our creed, and compels us to embrace the responsibility of caring for and proactively meeting the needs of our students, our community, our region, and beyond


Learning impels us to ensure that our students receive a world-class education, our institution engages itself in a continuous cycle of knowledge attainment and implementation, and that best practices developed from emerging knowledge drives our decision-making and direction setting


Excellence obliges us to reject mediocrity and instead consistently pursue high quality in regards to our programs, services, faculty and staff, initiatives, and outreach


Integrity impresses upon us that as a steward of public funding and trust, we must operate as persons and an institution of high character guided by a commitment to honor, transparency, fairness, and honesty


Distinctiveness reflects our charge to ensure that we provide relevant and contextually appropriate academic programming, deliver services that meet the emerging needs of our stakeholders,and continually assess and take advantage of potential opportunities


Engagement commits us to reach out and connect to current, former, and future students, establish our University as a true public square, integrate our University into the life of communities throughout the region, and partner with individuals, groups, and companies within the Mississippi Delta and beyond


Respect encourages us to move beyond tolerance towards acceptance of the differences that make us human, to embrace the concept that all peoples have inherent worth and are deserving of dignity,and to act with civility, kindness, and compassion to our students, faculty,staff, and the greater community of the Mississippi Delta