IHL Board of Trustees

Mississippi Valley State University and its sister institutions, are governed the Board of Trustees. The board is the constitutional governing body of the State Institutions of Higher Learning.

The Board Office, located in the Education and Research Center of Mississippi in Jackson, is responsible for policy and financial oversight of the eight public institutions of higher learning.

The Commissioner of Higher Education is responsible for assisting the Board in the administration of the Board's policies and bylaws. Divisions of the Commissioner's Office include academic and student affairs, construction and physical affairs, finance and administration, and research and planning. The Board oversees degree-credit courses, research and public service activities and programs at the eight public universities, including The University of Mississippi Medical Center, the Mississippi State University Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine, 10 off-campus centers, and various other locations throughout the state. Available programs range from a variety of undergraduate disciplines to most professional fields. All eight universities offer master's level programs, six have programs at the education specialist level and five offer doctoral-level programs.