The Department of Mass Communication is getting ready for accreditation of its Mass Communication program by the national accrediting body for mass communication, Accrediting Council for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC).

 The ACEJMC strives to stimulate and encourage sound educational programs in journalism and mass communication.  The Council defines widely accepted standards of education for careers in these fields.

 Why Accreditation?   Accreditation benefits students, parents, faculty, employers, the University, and the public at large.  Its intention is to ensure continued improvement in the quality of instruction.  When the Department conducts a self-study for accreditation, we discover where the strengths and weakness of the program are and develop ways of improving weak areas and building upon strengths to improve the education our students receive.  Finally, when a mass communication program is accredited, the students are exposed to extensive information in liberal arts and sciences.

To insure a quality education in Mass Communication discipline and conform to the national standards set forth by ACEJMC, the Department of Mass Communication has began carry out a program of action towards accreditation.

The self-study for pre-accreditation by the ACEJMC started in January 2009 and the first phase was completed by April 2009.  The final version will be completed by April 2011. The DOMC will retain a consultant for a pre-accreditation evaluation of its mass communication program in June 2011.

The DOMC has targeted September 2013 for the full accreditation of its Mass Communication Program by the ACEJMC.