Program Information


Mississippi Valley State University provides an opportunity for residents and non-residents of Mississippi who do not meet the regular admission criteria to attend our Summer Developmental Program.  The program is residential based and all participants must reside on campus (unless you have extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from doing so). The SDP is an intensive 8-week summer program that concentrates on high school subject areas that are essential to their success in first year college courses. Courses consists of English, Mathematics, Reading, and an academic support laboratory.  The format of the program includes classroom instruction, seminars, computer-assisted tutorials, and social/life skills development.  Classes are held Monday-Friday accompanied by special activities and events on weekends.  Students who successfully complete the program will be eligible to enroll in the fall term at any Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) in the state of Mississippi.


Students who enroll in the SDP program participate in four (4) three-hour courses, for a total of 12 semester hours.  

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Learning Skills Laboratory

The courses will not count toward graduation at any of the IHL institutions.  The format of the program includes classroom instruction, seminars, computer assisted tutorials, and social life skills development.  Academic support for the SDP will consist of academic advising, personal and career counseling, peer tutoring and assistance with learning and study strategies.


The Academic Lab Support/Learning Skills Laboratory is a 3 credit hour course designed to assist students who successfully exit the Summer Developmental Program and other students with their freshman courses in the fall and spring semester.  Students receive a letter grade in the course.  The course includes continual instruction in the courses required to be successful in college, computer assisted tutorials and other skills based learning.