Mississippi Residential Status

Students must register under their correct residential status. Students who knowingly and willfully misrepresent their status will be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal from the University. The following definitions are used to determine the residential status for the purpose of enrolling at MVSU.

Residence of a Minor: The residence of a person less than 21 years of age is that of the father. After the death of the father, the residence of the minor is that of the mother. If the parents are divorced, the residence of the minor is that of the parent who was granted custody by the court; or if custody was not granted, the residence continues to be that of the father. If both parents are deceased, the residence of the mnior is that of the last surviving parent at the time of that parent's death, unless the minor lives with a legal guardian of his/her person, duly appointed by a proper court of Mississippi in which his or her residence becomes that of the guardian.

Residence of an Adult. The residence of an adult is that place where he/she is domiciled, that is, the place he/she actually physically resides with the intention of remaining there indefinitely or of returning there permanently when temporarily absent.

Removal of Parents from Mississippi. If the parents of a minor who is enrolled as a student in an institution of higher learning move their legal residence from the state of Mississippi, the minor is immediately classified as a nonresident student upon completion of the semester in which the move takes place.

Residence Required. No student may be admitted to any institution of higher learning as a resident of Mississippi unless his/her residence, as defined above, has been in the state of Mississippi for a continuous period of at least 12 months immediately preceding his/her admission.

Residency Petitions. Nonresidents may petition the institutions for a change of residency classification. A person who enters the state of Mississippi from another state and enters a system institution is considered a nonresident. However, any person who has attained 21 years of age and has thereafter actually established residency and resided witht the state of Mississippi for 12 consecutive months, after attaining 21 years of age upon sworn affidavit and other representation may petition the institution for a change in residency classification for the purposes of fees and tuition assessment. The institution may make reasonable inquiry into the validity of the petitioner's claim. Such petitions for change of residency must be made on or before the last day a student may register at the University without a penalty.