Why Social Sciences?

The Social Sciences Department at Mississippi Valley State University emphasizes and promotes excellence in teaching and learning. The department houses the following programs: History, Political Science, Public Administration, Social Science Education, Sociology, and a Graduate Program in Rural Public Policy and Planning. We pride ourselves on being a community of scholars who make a difference in students' lives.

Whatever the students' academic discipline, our faculty apply social science theories and research to real-world concerns. We engage in research, not only for academic publication, but also for public education. As a department we realize that research and action are fundamental to educating a new generation of scholars.

We endeavor to provide competent, supporting faculty and to offer relevant curricula that will assist in preparing students to enter and thrive in an ever-changing global environment. More specifically, our department strives to:

  1. Prepare students for entry-level positions in either the public, private, or non-profit sector;
  2. Prepare students for course work at the graduate level;
  3. Help students devlop the ability to think critically and reason logically;
  4. Assist students in achieving personal and career goals;
  5. Prepare students for responsible roles in society.

Students major in the Social Science because they want to change the world. We provide the skills so they can.