Department of Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminal Justice started as a program in 1974 and has since grown to become one of the largest departments in Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU). The department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in criminal justice.  The department has a diverse faculty educated in reputable universities from across the nation, and around the world.  The department provides students with a holistic and quality academic experience for a rewarding career in the Criminal Justice System and for further education in the World's leading educational centers.

Degree Programs

The Department of Criminal Justice offers two degrees: Master of Science in Criminal Justice (see Graduate catalog), and Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.  The criminal justice undergraduate program equips students with good writing, verbal, and technological skills, as well as in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice field required to succeed in criminal justice careers, or in professional schools/further graduate studies.

Students have an opportunity for hand-on experience that is afforded by the department's internship program.  Our interns and graduates find placements in local, state and federal criminal justice agencies and private security companies. 

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice prepares undergraduate students for successful careers in the criminal justice field and other related public and private organizations, including preparations for graduate studies. The curriculum covers all components of the criminal justice system: Law Enforcement, including private and industrial security, courts and corrections, including community corrections and the juvenile justice system. This wide curriculum coverage allows for tremendous flexibility in the career choices open to our graduates. This flexibility has been one of the strong points of the program. Additionally, the curriculum is also tailored to meet the needs of already serving criminal justice officials interested in pursuing a criminal justice degree.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice prepares graduate students for entry/supervisory level positions in the criminal justice field, including preparations for doctoral studies. The Master's program offers two curricula options: a "concentration option" of 36 semester credit hours, and a "generalist option" of 36 credit hours. The "concentration option" is designed for students with determined areas of interest such as criminology, law enforcement, corrections, or criminal justice administration. The "general option" is designed for students with no particular chosen area of interest, and is thus prepared generally to fit into any area of the criminal justice system. The Master's program is open to bachelor's degree holders in criminal justice or in other academic disciplines from accredited universities.