How To Apply

To apply for SSS, you must complete our SSS application. Applications are accepted all throughout the year. Once the applications are available, it is important to apply early. When the applications are available, they can be picked up from one of the staff members in SSS. Once you have completed the application, please submit the application to our office with a copy of your parent’s current federal 1040 tax forms if you are a dependent student.  If you are independent, please submit a copy of your current federal tax forms.

Once your application has been reviewed for eligibility and processed as an eligible applicant, if there are openings because we do not have the 200 students we are funded to serve in our program, you will receive a call to set up an appointment to be interviewed by the SSS staff. You will need anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes for the interview.  If your interview is successful, you will be notified of your acceptance.  For more information on how to apply, please call 662-254-3838 or 662-254-3473.