Title III Activities

# Activities Activity Coordinators
1.1 Enhancing Academic Experiences to Improve Student Outcomes: Accreditation in Mass Communication and Public Broadcasting Ms. Wanda Young
1.2 Enhancing Academic Experiences to Improve Student Outcomes: Faculty Development Dr. James Varn
2 Improving and Enhancing Technology to Increase the Capacity of the University’s Infrastructure Mr. Torrey Moore
3.1 Improving Student Services: Enrollment Management Mr. Michael C. Taylor Sr.
3.2 Improving Student Services: Student Counseling Center Dr. Yolanda Jones
3.3 Improving Student Services: Career Services Center Ms. Essie Bryant
4.1 Enhancing the Capacity for External Funding: Strenghtening the Office of Sponsored Programs Mr. Samuel Melton Jr.
4.2 Enhancing the Capacity for External Funding: Building Capacity in University Advancement Mr. Dameon Shaw
5 Enhancing Academic Success and Student Development Mr. Renardo Hall

MVSU Title III Activities Supported by Carryover Funding

# Activities Activity Coordinators
1 Institutional Research, Assessment and Testing    Dr. Sharon Freeman
2 Community Service Learning Ms. Gladys Flaggs
3 Strengthening the Health and Fitness Center Ms. April Lewis
4 Strengthening Staff Development Ms. Elizabeth Hurssey

Project Director: Mr. Samuel Melton, Jr.