Overview & Mission

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Mississippi Valley State University Procurement Card Program.  This program has been designed to allow for the direct procurement of non-travel small dollar related purchases by the end-user through the use of a credit card.  Our intent is to eliminate the need for low value Limited Purchase Orders and Payment Requests.  The Procurement Card (PCard), an institutional credit card, is billed directly to, and paid by Mississippi Valley State University.  Ownership or usage of this card does not affect your personal credit.

Purchasing Card Overview:

  • Reduces paperwork and processing time
  • Allows Authorized personnel to obtain goods and services quickly and easily
  • Enhances supplier relations due to faster payment
  • Improves controls over accounting and purchasing
  • View the transactions electronically in 2-3 days
  • Accepted campus-wide
  • Cardholders can view the transactions electronically in 2-3 days

Overview of card ownership and usage (see How to Use Your Card for details):

  • You must be a current employee of Mississippi Valley State University
  • The Purchasing Card (PCard) is a Visa Card issued by Regions Bank
  • The Visa Card is non-transferable
  • There must be documentation for each transaction made
  • Monthly statements must be reviewed and signed each month
  • You must complete Cardholder Training
  • Cardholder’s transactions are subject to an annual audit

The Basic Process:

  • Make the transaction
  • Retain the receipt and proper documentation
  • Review transactions on-line
  • Reallocate to the proper account if necessary
  • Review and acquire signatures on the monthly statements
  • Retain records for seven years (send to Archives if space is limited)