Fall & Spring 2023-2024 Faculty Development Webinars

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To register and log in to access the group subscription:

1. Go to Enter information in the required fields > Submit. NOTE: if you get an error that your password does not match, skip down to the EXISTING USERS Section below

2. Once successfully registered, you will see a screen "Thank you for completing your registration"

3. Go to

4. On the right side of the page, in the "Username or email address" box, enter the email address that you submitted in Step 1.

5. Enter your password > Login

6. On the My Account page > Join Team

7. On the My Online Access page click the appropriate orange "Go to..." box for access


For Magna Commons subscribers: You will be taken to the dashboard for the institutional subscription. Scroll to search or locate the materials you wish to access or view. For more information contact the Office of Faculty Development @ (662) 254-3081.