Courses - CADD

ET 301 Descriptive Geometry

The course includes the representation of geometrical magnitudes; relation between points lines and plane; intersection and development of surfaces; and architectural and engineering applications. Prerequisite: IT 102

ET 302 Elements of Architecture

Elementary architectural forms, composition, color, texture, three dimensional concept, line and other traditional and contemporary aspects are studied in this course. Prerequisite: IT 202

ET 303 Introduction to CADD

In this course students utilize the computer as a tool to prepare traditional engineering and architectural drawings. Prerequisite: IT 102

ET 306 CAD Applications

This course will provide complete instructions on mastering CAD systems. This course will also focus upon the Application of CAD systems to tasks consistent with accepted drafting and design standards. Prerequisite: IT 303

ET 307 CAD Applications II

This course is a continuation of CADD Application I. The course will focus on the application of CADD in map drawing, architectural detailing, and mechanical drawing. Prerequisite: IT 306

ET 308 Problems in CADD

This course will provide instruction in CADD Interchange systems, and will explore problems with scanners, CAM System, DXF, DXB and IGES Files. The course will further explore problems with 3D Moldings, CAD slides, and Computer Aided Publishing Systems. Prerequisite: IT 307

ET 401 CADD Structural Drafting

This course stresses further development of details, plan elevation, and section for heavy construction commercial building. It also makes information immediately available on standards and practices, materials and assemblies, details and specifications. Prerequisite: IT 303

ET 402 Advanced Structural Drafting

Continuation of 401

ET 403 CAD/CAM Networking

This course will explore the integration of CADD systems and CAM Systems (CAD/CAM) over the complete production cycle. The course also includes instruction on group technology, integrated database systems, and integrated communication systems. Prerequisite: IT 308