Why Engineering Technology?

The field of Engineering Technology is a challenging career path that provides students with careers that are highly in demand. Entry level job salaries in Engineering Technology are very lucrative. Career advancement opportunites in this area are very abundant.

Whether you plan to work in the Delta or relocate, we can provide you with skills needed to apply engineering principles used in a variety of exciting careers. You may use the technical skills you learn at MVSU to support engineers in construction, manufacturing or industrial settings. Graduates may be responsible for the planning, design, management, and integration of new product designs, the development of improvements in manufacturing processes, the management of the physical and technical functions of an organization, or be involved in any number of other engineering activities.

Good jobs are out there! The training you need is right here. Get started today by calling the Department of Engineering Technology at Mississippi Valley State University (662)254-3410  we can help yo achieve a brighter future.