Requirements - BS Criminal Justice

Requirements for Bachelor of Science
Degree in Criminal Justice

  • To receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, a student must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Satisfy all requirements set by the University;
  • Meet with assigned advisor regularly, including obtaining the advisor's signed approval of class schedules prior to or during each registration period;
  • Complete all required courses for the degree in the proper sequence;
  • Earn a minimum of "C" in each course required in the major or minor.
  • Earn a minimum of "C" in each transferred course form other accredited institutions.
  • Complete 60 hours of community service; and
  • Complete the Undergraduate Senior Exit Exam.

Academic Map for Criminal Justice 2016-2017. Click here.


A Criminal Justice student may minor in any other major field by taking 18 credit hours in such major field of interest.