Courses - Speech

SP 191-192. FRESHMAN SEMINAR. Designed to follow the requirements of the Freshman Year Experience. 2

SP 201. FUNDAMENTALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING. Basics of preparing, researching, analyzing, organizing, writing, and delivering speeches in a variety of contexts. 3

SP 301. SURVEY OF HUMAN COMMUNICATION. Overview of the theories of human communication, including interpersonal, small group, organizational, and mass communication theories. 3

SP 310. SMALL GROUP COMMUNICATION. Theories and practice of group process in problem solving and decision making. 3

SP 340. ISSUES IN COMMUNICATION: GENDER AND ETHNICITY . Study of diversity among the ethnic groups in a global society. 3

SP 400. ADVANCED PUBLIC SPEAKING. Principles and practice of public speaking, including business, technical, and professional speech preparation. 3

SP 404 A,B,C. FORENSICS PRACTICUM. Participation in forensics activities under the supervision of the forensics faculty. Open to all students. May be repeated up to eight elective hours. 3

SP 410. INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION. Exchanges of meaning through verbal and nonverbal behavior in informal face-to-face settings. 3

SP 420. NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION. Theories and practice of exchanges of meaning through nonverbal means. Emphasis on experiental learning. 3

SP 425. INTERVIEWING. Analysis of the interviewing process in a variety of specific contexts, and development of communication skills used in interviewing. 3

SP 430. PERSUASION. Study of psychology of attitude formation and change, including theories of persuasion and principles of persuasive communication. 3

SP 435. ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS. A survey of approaches to the study of organizational communication and aspects of the communication process within organizations. 3

SP 440. INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION. Focuses on the communication process between and among people from diverse cultures. It will cover such issues, such as human communication, communication apprehension, cultural contexts, verbal and nonverbal codes, acculturation and culture shock, and intercultural communication in organizations. 3

SP 449. SENIOR PROJECT RESEARCH. Guided research for senior project, including a survey of research methods and simple statistics used in communication. Prerequisite: Advanced junior standing. 2

SP 450. SENIOR PROJECT PAPER. Students write a senior project paper with the help of a senior project advisor.1

SP 491-492. SENIOR SEMINAR. Designed to familiarize students with graduate school requirements, university and departmental requirements for graduation, and career search and preparation. 2