Courses - Public Relations

MC 430. PUBLIC RELATIONS. Introduction to the theory and professional practice of public relations with emphasis on its function, process, public tools, media, research techniques, and professional ethics. 3

MC 431. ADVANCED PUBLIC RELATIONS. Formulation of goals and strategies and multimedia communications; evaluation of effectiveness, and budget preparation. Case studies and field project. 3

MC 440. PUBLIC RELATIONS RESEARCH. A detailed analysis and application of research methods and practices used in public relations. Offered only during alternate years. 3

MC 442. PUBLIC RELATIONS CAMPAIGNS. A hands-on course with clients for whom the students design public relations campaigns. Offered only during alternate years. 3

MC 444. MASS MEDIA LAW AND ETHICS. Legal rights and responsibilities of the mass media and the public. Defamation (libel and slander), free press and fair trial, right of privacy, commercial speech regulations, and ethical issues in the media. 3

MC 400. PRINCIPLES OF ADVERTISING. Basic planning, design and copy preparation of ads in printed and broadcast media. 3