Courses - Journalism

MC 300. MEDIA WRITING. Media format- commercials, public service announcements, press releases, and other promotional copies. Also, fundamentals of writing feature articles with human interest for the media. 3

MC 310. NEWS REPORTING. An introduction to the fundamentals of news gathering, writing, and reporting with emphasis on developing writing skills. 3

MC 311. NEWSPAPER EDITING. Basic concepts in preparing copy for publications. Copy reading, editing, writing headlines combined with practical training. 3

MC 313. PHOTOJOURNALISM. Basic techniques of telling news by photographs without text to achieve maximum narrative effect. Lab materials fee: $15. 3

MC 316 A, B, C. JOURNALISM PRACTICUM. Practical experience in print journalism through assigned work with campus publications. 3

MC 350. NEWSPAPER LAYOUT AND WEB DESIGN. Professional practice in typographical production and design in editorial content and advertising with special attention to the various desktop publishing techniques in commercial use today. 3

MC 400. PRINCIPLES OF ADVERTISING. Basic planning, design and copy preparation of ads in printed and broadcast media. 3

MC 444. MASS MEDIA LAW AND ETHICS. Legal rights and responsibilities of the mass media and the public. Defamation (libel and slander), free press and fair trial, right of privacy, commercial speech regulations, and ethical issues in the media. 3