Courses - Broadcasting

MC 315 A,B,C. RADIO-TELEVISON PRACTICUM. Students apply principles learned in their reporting classes to an actual newsroom environment involving gathering, writing, rewriting, producing, and reporting news and public affairs. Programs will be produced on WVSD (91.7 FM) and WVSD-TV (Channel 19) station. 3

MC 320. RADIO PRODUCTION. Audio production techniques-recording, editing, and mixing of audio signals. Attention will be given to scripting of radio news and commercial copy. Students will acquire a reasonable level of competence in the operation of all control room equipment in the campus radio station. 3

MC 335. RADIO-TELEVISON ANNOUNCING. The fundamentals of radio and television announcing will be emphasized. Pronunciation and articulation along with learning how to speak with confidence will be focused on. 3

MC 337. TELEVISION PRODUCTION I. Techniques and procedures in the creation and production of television programs: cameras, lenses, video switching, editing, lighting and color. This is studio production. 3 Prerequisite: A minimum grade of “C” in BR 310. 3

MC 340. NEWS WRITING. Media news writing style, news copy mechanics and scripting formats, news gathering and reporting, newsroom organization and operation. Ethics lab hours included. 3

MC 437. TELEVISION PRODUCTION II. Theory and techniques of Electronic New Gatherings (ENG) for television. and students will learn how to write television scripts and have experience in all phases of producing and editing. Prerequisite: A minimum grade of “C” in BR 337. 3

MC 444. MASS MEDIA LAW AND ETHICS. Legal rights and responsibilities of the mass media and the public. Defamation (libel and slander), free press and fair trial, right of privacy, commercial speech regulations, and ethical issues in the media. 3

MC 460. INTERNSHIP. Practicum course combining classroom theories with hands-on experience in an off-campus facility-radio or television or newspaper or in public relations or in speech communication. It is recommended for all communication majors. For details on internship, consult departmental brochure or department chair. 3