Courses - HPER Minor

PE 102-PE 103. CONCEPTS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION. This is a survey course required of all freshman with emphasis on physical fitness, knowledge, skill and appreciation requisite to an active life style. It includes fitness testing, calisthenics, tumbling, rhythmatic activities and individual and team sports. 1

PE 204. FOUNDATION OF HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, AND RECREATION. A survey of the history, principles and philosophies that influence programs and practices in the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation professions. Twenty hours of practicum are required. 3

PE 205. MOTOR DEVELOPMENT. A study of the basic concepts of motor development. Twenty hours of practicum are required. 3

PE 303. PHYSIOLOGY OF EXERCISE. Designed to study the basic physiological principles of human responses to exercise. Science intensive course. Prerequisite: BI 301. 3

PE 405. RESEARCH SEMINAR. Designed to analyze the pros and cons related to crucial issues in the field of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Writing intensive course. 3

HL 101. COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH. Presents a body of knowledge essential for sound decisions in health maintenance. Sound health values and conduct are encouraged. 3