About Us

What we offer students

  • Feedback on writing projects including essays, research papers, application letters, resumes, business letters and creative writing assignments
  • Personalized help with the composing process, from generating topics to students'proofreading and editing their own work
  • Help with plans for revision
  • Assistance with style, diction and usage
  • Help with reference and documentation

What we don't do

  • Write papers for students
  • Allow students to drop off papers for review
  • Guarantee a perfectly composed, edited paper
  • Predict grades

What we should do

  • Encourage students-- but not require them-to use the Writing Center
  • Advise students to come to the Writing Center well in advance of due dates for papers
  • Continue effective classroom rapport in the Writing Center

Available Instructors

Dr. Jo Dr. Ford Ms. Glass Ms. Washington Dr. Knutson Dr. Jenkins Ms. Osborne


Available Hours

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-10:00 Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass
10:00-11:00 Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass
11:00-11:30 Glass Glass Glass Glass Dr. Jo
1:00-2:00      Jenkins      
2:00-3:00        Jenkins      
3:00-4:00 Washngton Osborne Washington Osbourne  
4:00-5:00  Ford   Knutson    
5:00-6:00  Ford   Knutson    


  1. Appointments are to be set by the student to the instructor.
  2. Please bring all material or prompts associated with the paper to your appointment.
  3. Students should proofread all drafts at least once before your appointment. The tutors are not responsible for proofreading your entire paper or editing errors. We identify patterns of errors and help you to eliminate those mistakes in the future.
  4. If you need to cancel your appointment, you may do so. It is up to the student to reschedule all appointments necessary.
  5. Walk-ins are welcomed.

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