All students are expected to register and pay their fees before the day designated on the Academic Calendar for classes to begin. Sufficient time is allowed during registration for the student to consult with the major advisor and complete all procedures necessary for enrollment to classes. Written directions for registration procedures and the necessary registration forms will be given to first-time entering students during the orientation, academic advisement and registration processes in University College. Continuing students will receive written directions and registration forms from their academic advisors.

The student is officially registered only when all courses have been entered, all fees have been paid, and the student's class schedule has been duly signed and stamped by the cashier and the Office of Student Record. Students who register or enter their courses on the Web, are not required to have a Proposed Class Schedule submitted to the Office of Student Records for stamped approval.

If the student decides to cease his/her enrollment prior to the first day of class, the student must complete a Withdrawal of Registration form. Students who decide to withdraw on the first day of class or thereafter, must submit the Withdrawal of University Enrollment Form. Registration is not terminated until the appropriate form is on file in the Office of Student Records.

To access the web registration, go to

Centralized Registeration Process

Step 1: Certificate of Admissions for New Students Only

Step 2: Academic Advisement and Course Selection

Step 3: Course Entry to the System

Step 4: Financial Assistance

Step 5: Housing/Residential Life -- All students who are planning to live on-campus must be accepted into the University and meet the criteria set forth by the Office of Residential Life.

Step 6: Payment

Step 7: Identification Cards --To obtain an identification card, students must have a printed schedule signed by Student Records Personnel and Fiscal Affairs Personnel.

Step 8: Books and Supplies