Academic Fresh Start Policy

An undergraduate student, who has been previously enrolled at Mississippi Valley State University or other institutions and has not attended a college/university for a minimum period of 18 months, may be eligible for an Academic Fresh Start. The Academic Fresh Start may be sought at the beginning of the student’s first semester of admissions or re-admission to the University. This policy will provide a student the opportunity to have his/her grade point average reflect academic success upon his/her enrollment or re-enrollment at the University. In such cases, a student’s academic record for the term(s)/semester(s) will be excluded from the grade point average calculation. All credit hours and grades will remain on the transcript. A notation of the Academic Fresh Start will appear on the transcript. An Academic Fresh Start may be granted only once to a student and is not irreversible. A student must begin the Academic Fresh Start process by completing a Request for Academic Fresh-Start Form. The form must be returned to the Office of Student Records with all signatures of approval. Courses that are repeated adversely affect the student’s ability to meet the required progression standards by increasing the total hours attempted. The Academic Fresh Start policy does not allow a student to regain financial aid eligibility.

To complete a Request for Academic Fresh Start form click here or visit the Office of Student Records.