Honors Courses

The Honors Program Curriculum seeks, in each of its courses, for students to grow not only through disciplinary specific knowledge and skills, but also to develop key liberal arts and leadership goals, namely, for students to learn (1) to communicate effectively; (2) to think critically; (3) to manage information effectively; and (4) to demonstrate civic responsibility through leadership and service.

Course Dept. No. Title Credit Hours
AR 101H Art Appreciation-Honors 3
BI 111H General Zoology-Honors 4
BI 112H Botany-Honors 4
ED 102H General Psychology-Honors 3
ED 101H-102H Freshman Composition-Honors 6
HI 105H Early Western Civilization 3
HI 106H Late Western Civilization 3
HL 101H Comprehensive Health-Honors 3
MA 111H College Algebra-Honors 3
MA 112H Plane Trigonometry-Honors 3
EN 201H-202H World Literature-Honors 3
PS 201H American Nat'l Government 3
SP 201H Fundamentals of Speech 3