Courses - MAT


Master of Arts in Teaching Course Descriptions

ED 502 Classroom Management and Organization. This course provides a study of the major theories of classroom management and the application of these theories in a classroom setting. Modeling practices will be an integral part of instruction. The course will explore current research and how this research has impacted the classroom. (3 hrs.)

ED 503 Development, Assessment, and Evaluation. This course explores the development of knowledge and skill in construction of tests, item analysis techniques, and interpretation and application of statistics for test scores. Topics include criterion-referenced testing and norm-referenced testing, with an emphasis on performance assessment tools currently used in our public schools. (3 hrs.)

ED 506 Dimensions of Learning/Internship. This is a supervised one year internship for MAT candidates (3 hrs.)

ED 507 Dimensions of Learning/Internship. A continuation of the one year internship. (3 hrs.)

ED 510 Research in Education. This course covers various methods of research in education and statistical techniques, with emphasis on the use of these techniques to solve problems in the field of educational research. Emphasis will be placed on selecting appropriate statistical techniques. The use of computers in educational research will also be studied. (3 hrs.)

ED 512 Technology for Teachers. This course provides skills and various techniques for applying and integrating technologies into instruction and using the computer and software applications to promote effective teaching and learning. (3 hrs.)

ED 520 Reading in the Elementary School. This course will cover current techniques, methods, and materials utilized for effective instruction. Emphasis will be on the best practices and approaches used in area public schools. (3 hrs.)

ED 521 Children's Literature in the Elementary Reading Program. This course offers an in-depth study of the variety of literature genres suitable for children of elementary grades and the effective integration of these literature genres across the elementary curriculum. (3 hrs.)

ED 528 Language and Communicative Arts. This course is an analysis of current methods, issues and trends in reading, speaking, and writing as they apply to the various disciplines. Emphasis will be placed on current research findings regarding the nature of interdisciplinary learning and teaching (3 hrs.)

ED 540 Effective Teaching Strategies for the Elementary School. This course deals with contemporary approaches to teaching and analysis of instructional strategies using an interdisciplinary approach. A field experience provides practical experiences. (3 hrs.)

ED 599 Comprehensive Examination. This is a seminar designed to prepare candidates for the Comprehensive Examination. (0 hrs.)