Capital Projects

The Facilities Planning Design and Construction Department (PD&C) provides oversight project management services for all new capital construction projects and many smaller renovation projects for the University.  Capital Projects is responsible for insuring that projects are completed on time and on budget, while protecting the University’s interest with general contractors, A/E firms, and other outside vendors.   Capital Projects acts as the liaison between the building occupant(s), design team, stakeholders and the general contractor.



Services provided by Facilities Planning for capital projects are billable to the projects and include: Ongoing design review

Budget management

•    Construction coordination

•    Commissioning

•    LEED certification

•    Contract negotiation and pay applications

•    Building HVAC system and quality certification

•    Coordination of signage

•    EHSO/Abatement interface

•    Coordination with Plant Operations for maintenance once construction is complete


For information on the status of a current capital construction project, call 662-254-3580

Travarus Horton
     Project Manager