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Financial Aid  | Payment Schedule

Tuition covers everything here at Mississippi Valley State University. That way there are no surprises and you can budget appropriately. Unlike most colleges, our tuition rate includes tuition, fees, books and resources and is paid at the beginning of each Renaissance Learning Programs’ term.

For further information regarding the cost of the program, please contact the program director and/or coordinator.

A Graduation Fee of $100 is to be paid at the beginning of the third term and includes the cost of cap and gown as well as the diploma.


The Mississippi Valley State University Financial Aid Office serves to assist students through the financial aid process. The financial aid staff educates students on federal, state, and institutional funds available. In addition, the Financial Aid Office determines student eligibility for grants, loans, and scholarships. In order to be eligible for federal aid, a student must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid on a yearly basis.

Mississippi Valley State University does not allow institutional aid to exceed the direct cost of college.

The Student Financial Aid Office is available to answer questions and to help estimate eligibility for financial assistance. Normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Other hours are available by appointment.  

If the applicant has not completed a financial aid application, the learner should contact the Student Financial Aid Office four to six weeks prior to the beginning of Module 1.


  • Apply for admission to Mississippi Valley State University and to the Renaissance Learning Programs
  • Submit an Institutional Aid Application.
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to Federal Student Aid Programs on the web at
  • The Department of education selects approximately thirty percent of the student body to verify information submitted on the FAFSA.   The Mississippi Valley State University Financial Aid Office will notify you if you are selected for verification. At that time you will be required to complete all verification paper work the financial aid office requests in order to be eligible for financial aid.  
  • South Carolina residents wishing to apply for the SC Tuition Grant (SCTG) may do so by completing a FAFSA. A separate  application is not needed. Be sure to list Mississippi Valley State University (Title IV, Code 003440) as first college choice in Step Six  of the FAFSA. The application deadline for SCTG is June 30.

If the employer will cover full tuition costs, the applicant will need to pay tuition for the first module only at registration. The learner can use the reimbursement received from the employer for the first module and succeeding modules to cover tuition costs due. The adult learner is responsible for processing the funds that will be available from the employer. A signed promissory note will be required at registration. Signed documents from the employer will also be required prior to registration, verifying the level of employer tuition assistance available and eligibility. Some employers will pay module reimbursements on a term basis. If this is the case, the student will need to make special arrangements with the Business Office regarding an acceptable schedule for payment of tuition costs. (See Tuition Payment Schedule) Minimally, in such a situation, the student will be required to pay for the first module in each term.

If the employer will cover partial tuition costs, the student may deduct the partial amount from the total tuition due each term. The resulting balance will be the amount due at registration for each term, and the adult learner must pay it in full, or in three installments as described above. The student is responsible for processing the funds that will be available from the employer. A signed promissory note will be required at registration. Signed documents from the employer will also be required prior to registration, verifying the level of employer tuition assistance available.
Visa and Mastercard are accepted for payment of tuition and fees.

Adult learners in high-income tax brackets should check with their bank or other lender for possible home equity loans that may be available with tax deductible interest.

Federal and state grants are awarded based upon a variety of factors, but most often on the basis of one’s program and/or demonstrated financial need. Unless otherwise noted by the donor of an award, the student does not need to repay these funds. Listed below are some of the most common forms of gift assistance.

Provided by the federal government and administered by the College; this grant is based upon financial need.

Veterans’ Benefits—Available to those who qualify. eligibility is determined by the Veterans’ Administration and potentially eligible students should contact their local Veterans’ Administration representative.

Employee Reimbursement Program—Contact your company’s personnel office to investigate this source of financial assistance.  State Grants and Loans may be available. Please contact the office of Financial Aid to investigate all of the possibilities.

Federal Subsidized Direct Stafford Loan (formerly GSL-Guaranteed Student Loan) is available to qualified undergraduate students. Contact the Financial Aid office for current amounts and eligibility. After determining aid eligibility, the College Office of Student Financial Aid will advise the student on how to borrow under this program.

Books and materials come right to your doorstep with Mississippi Valley State University.   Books and materials are ordered through a company called eDMAP, our official ReNAISSANCe LEARNING PROGRAMS bookstore. Your Program Director will coordinate this and have your books and materials sent directly to your doorstep.

Both the accelerated classroom and online-blended program are designed for your success. In order to achieve this you will need the following equipment:

  • IBM compatible computer with windows XP or later operating system (or) Macintosh computer with OSX or later
  • Microsoft Office Suite (word, excel, PowerPoint)
  • Broadband Internet connection


First term tuition is due at orientation prior to the first class session; second and third term payments are due on the last class session of the prior term, at which time learners register for the new term.
If a learner is unable to pay the full amount of tuition due for the term at registration, the three-payment installment plan may be used:

40% at registration
30% at the end of Module 2
30% at the end of Module 4.
This plan may be used each term. A signed promissory note will be required at registration each time this plan is used. All payment agreements must be met in order to maintain an active enrollment status.