Immunization Requirements


All students (including transfers) entering Mississippi Valley State University for the first time and enrolling for academic credit must submit proof of immunization for measles and rubella prior to reporting for registration.

  • Two injections for Measles

  • One injection for Mumps and Rubella

    TUBERCULOSIS (for international students only)
    Proof of test screening for tuberculosis by chest x-ray and interferon gamma release assays (IGRA) performed in the United States prior to the start of classes is required for all international students.

    Proof of immunization may be documented in the following manner:

  1. Documentation should indicate month and year of first immunization which was received after the first birthday;
  2. Documentation of positive measles and rubella serology with date of test and results;
  3. Physician-documented history of having measles with date of disease. History of rubella is not accepted.

Two doses of measles vaccine are required. International students must have a chest x-ray to screen for tuberculosis.

Temporary exceptions for one semester are:

  1. Pregnant women;
  2. Women suspecting pregnancy
  3. Women anticipating pregnancy within three months.

Permanent exceptions are:

  1. Medical disease which will cause a permanent contraindication to immunization;
  2. Persons born prior to 1957

Waivers may be granted for students enrolled in distance learning courses and/or programs where their time on campus is limited to a minimum numbers of hours as determined by the admitting IHL institution.