MVSU staffer helps to bring STEM awareness to High School Students

November 20, 2020

A Mississippi Valley State University staff member is making moves that will take him to Alaska while also announcing the acceptance of a grant to enhance STEM learning for high school students in the Mississippi Delta.

MVSU Upward Bound II Director Jerome Petty has been invited to become a certified trainer for the Teaching Through Technology (T 3 Alliance). Petty participated in virtual onboard Training to learn the methods, strategies, and values of the T3 Alliance, followed by a hands-on T3 Alliance virtual Training.

The program is an adaptable curriculum with a comprehensive instructor support system that can be widely adapted to increase middle and high school students' STEM interest. T 3 Alliance is under the 501 3(c) non-profit organization of Educating for Leadership. The premise of the Alliance is to make a difference for students across America and throughout the world, connecting cool ways of learning to community engagement.

As a member of the T3 Alliance team, Petty will co-teach sessions and be involved in all logistics of hosting an event. In December, Petty is currently scheduled to travel to Alaska.

With the Training, he feels he will be better able to use the knowledge gained to impact students.

"It is an honor to be recognized and extended the invitation to participate in such a prestigious training. Our goal is to increase the STEM interest of high school students from low-income and first-generation families. We hope to accomplish our goals by providing them adaptable curriculum with a comprehensive instructor support system," said Petty.

With a T3 Alliance Trainer certification, Educating for Leadership can contract with Petty to teach sessions that match his skill level and availability.

By accepting the invitation, Petty attend at least two training events per year and actively participate in the T3 Alliance support community on Discord.

"The T3 Alliance is looking to expand the impact of the program," said Petty. This partnership provides hands-on knowledge for cutting edge and novice information in STEM. My involvement makes MVSU a host site for T3 Training allowing students to experience hands-on Training, and offer instructor certification in STEM areas."

Additionally, Petty announced that the program received a NASA STEM 2020-2021 Funding Opportunity for HBCUs and PBIs with High School Programs Opportunity. The grant aims to elevate STEM education aimed at inspiring young people.  

"This grant will bring worldwide benefits of knowledge, innovation, and inspiration that is widely recognized both within the United States and around the globe to our students," said Petty. It will also create effective partnerships that will bring technical strengths, resources, and capabilities that will increase the robustness of STEM activities," he added.

Petty added that none of what the program has accomplished and look to gain would be possible without the committed staff's support.

"The staff has worked hard. The instructors and students have been engaged in the process and are why we can do all that we have. Sabrina Philips, an Instructor and data research person for the NASA project, will serve as the coordinator, instructor, and data specialist research person. She also contributed in providing information during the grant process."